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In 2003, a group of Alfa Romeo enthusiasts got together at Zwartkops Raceway in Pretoria and established an informal race series for pre 1985 Alfa Romeo cars.

At the time, Zwartkops were running monthly “High-Speed Trial open days”, and the perfect opportunity arose for amateur racers to strut their stuff. Entrants ranged from standard road going Alfas, namely the Giulietta series of the 50’s, through to full race modified GTV 6’s, also a few Giulias, Berlinas and Alfa Suds were thrown into the mix. The series runs an effective Index of Performance system, which evens out the field, enabling everyone to have a chance of winning. It runs a scratch race format with time based categories (A to C) and a rolling start.

As things progressed, and due to the fact that the racing circuits had to concentrate on MSA (Motorsport South Africa) sanctioned events, it was time for Trofeo to spread it’s wings, and, after a few months of negotiations, rules and regulation writing and submission, MSA approved the series as a sanctioned Club Championship Series, run under the control of MSA’s Northern Regions Committee. In 2007, Trofeo was incorporated into the Zwartkops Racing Club (ZRC). This has led to a professionally run series with clear aims and objectives. In 2016 we aim to introduce a Marque Car category (D) for non-Italian makes of cars to compete within the series and will be allocated separate points from the Trofeo Challenge championship points.

The Trofeo Challenge series has proved to be an exciting series thus far. Young and old have come and enjoyed themselves. The Trofeo Challenge of South Africa is regarded as the introductory step to racing, with no fuss, minimal rules with loads of fun and affordable racing.

It is the platform for both older and later models to run together, and is a fantastic opportunity for families and friends, young and old, to join each other out on the track.

For the Love of the Breed, and the Passion for Speed!

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