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1.The Code of Conduct has the objective to maintain and enhance the reputation, standing and good will of the Alfa Trofeo Challenge of South Africa. It has particular relevance to member and driver behaviour at race meetings and club functions.

2. Principles:
Alfa Trofeo Challenge of South Africa believes in honour and integrity as a basis for clean, but competitive, and respectful racing.

3. General obligations on members:
Alfa Trofeo Challenge of South Africa members acknowledge that it is the responsibility of each and every member to ensure that the good name of the Alfa Trofeo Challenge of South Africa is upheld at all events sanctioned by Motorsport South Africa, and at all Trofeo Challenge of South Africa functions and club events. To this end, the following is applicable:
3.1. Members shall comply with all Motorsport South Africa (MSA) requirements concerning behaviour, drug consumption and vehicle presentation, as defined in the current MSA Regulations.
3.2. Members’ race cars must always be presented in a manner deemed acceptable by the club.
3.3. Members will conduct themselves with integrity and courtesy, and ensure the safety, comfort and convenience of members and guests are maintained.
3.4. Members will conduct themselves in a manner which avoids controversy with fellow members.
3.5. Members are to ensure that they always control their tempers. Verbal and or physical abuse towards stewards or other competitors and deliberately distracting or provoking others is not acceptable or permissible behaviour.
3.6. Members are to ensure that they always treat all competitors as they would like to be treated, and do not interfere with, bully or take advantage of any other participant.
3.7. Members must avoid the use of coarse or derogatory language. Any member, driver or guest who acts in a way deemed to bring the club into disrepute, such as using offensive language, inappropriate behaviour, or disturbing the running or enjoyment of the club, may be asked to leave the event or meeting. If there is any recurrence, the offending person may be banned from club membership for a period of time to be decided by the Trofeo Challenge of South Africa committee.
3.8. Members are responsible for their own conduct as well as the conduct of any person associated with them, such as, Pit Crews, Vehicle Owners and Sponsors.
3.9. Most Officials, Stewards and Marshals have volunteered their services to ensure the smooth, efficient and fair conduct of the race meetings, and as such members must avoid arguing with any such officials or marshals – if any member disagrees with a ruling, they must quietly check with the Official on how the decision was reached, or communicate via an Trofeo Challenge Series of South Africa committee member.
3.10. Members must ensure that drivers and crew working on race cars do so in a safe manner and using safe methods at all times – eg jack stands, approved fuel containers etc.
3.11. No member, driver or guest is to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, use offensive behaviour or behave offensively.
3.12. Members are to ensure that drivers of both race cars and service vehicles, drive at a safe speed, at all times, in all areas off the track. At no time should traction between the tyres and road surface be broken (ie no wheel spinning).
3.13. Any member who wishes to make a formal complaint against any other member or Alfa Trofeo Challenge of South Africa committee member must put it in writing and hand it to the secretary.

4. General driving behaviour:
Members of the Alfa Trofeo Challenge of South Africa acknowledge that the vehicles owned and raced by fellow members are treasured possessions, and damage to these vehicles must be avoided wherever possible.
4.1. Any contact between competitors is deemed undesirable. The WHITE LINE RULE APPLIES AT ALL TIME. To that end, on track bashing, overly aggressive blocking or any intentional action that is designed to impede another driver’s progress, or cause them to go off the track is not permitted. This includes but is not limited to, bumping, forcing another driver off the road either by squeezing them out or through contact intentional or not, or brake testing.
4.2. Drivers must keep at least two wheels, on the same side of his/her car, in contact with the racing surface, this does not include curbs and areas outside any painted line marking the edge of the track, at all times. If there is no curb or coping at the edge of the track the painted line will be considered the boundary and at least two wheels on the car must remain within this boundary.
4.3. Drivers must give fellow competitors racing room, be aware of cars around them, and use their mirrors.
4.4. Drivers must note that slower cars need just as much track as faster cars. A faster car doesn’t have the right to shut the gate on a slower car. If a faster car is trying to overtake a slower car, the driver of the slower car must not deliberately try to hold up the faster car as this leads to frustration and unnecessary risks in order to get past. Remember, the faster car will overtake eventually. Drivers must hold their lines and if possible indicate on which side they wish to be passed.
4.5. Drivers may not shut the gate after a fellow competitor has made his move.
4.6. Deliberate swerving is not acceptable.
4.7. If drivers are late braking up the inside they must always leave enough room for fellow competitors around the outside.
4.8. If drivers feel that fellow competitors have been unfair or unsporting, they must not take justice into their own hands on the track – talk to a member of the Alfa Trofeo Challenge of South Africa committee first.
4.9. Barging is not an acceptable race strategy.
4.10 Before starting an event, drivers must familiarise themselves with the performance potential of other competitors and their cars. Should drivers fall into a slower category then they must be prepared to be overtaken, and watch their mirrors to ensure that they do not become a hazard to other competitors and themselves.

5. Incidents on track:
Competitors involved in incidents are required to submit a report to the CoC immediately following the finish of qualifying or the race, and to immediately make contact with an Alfa Trofeo Challenge of South Africa Committee member.
5.1 All relevant information will be obtained from all parties involved including, if necessary, the marshalls, and the matter will be investigated. The Alfa Trofeo Challenge of South Africa committee along with the CoC, having considered the evidence on hand, will make a recommendation as to the action suggested to address the incident. This recommendation must be submitted to the CoC within thirty minutes of the end of the race in which the incident occurred, and before the race results are published.
5.2 The CoC, along with Alfa Trofeo Challenge of South Africa Committee, will apply any such penalties at their discretion, as may be provided for by the MSA GCR’s and SSR’s.
5.3 Competitors involved in incidents are required to refrain from public outbursts which may bring the name of the Alfa Trofeo Challenge of South Africa Africa into disrepute. Shouting matches involving competitors and/or officials involved in the sport, present on the day, will not be tolerated. Any competitor doing so will be in contravention of SSR49 and GCR(IV)and (VI), and this will be taken into account by the Alfa Trofeo Challenge of South Africa committee in its consideration of the incident.
5.4 Should it be found that no incident report has been filled in, or the incident not reported to the CoC, the recommendation of the Alfa Trofeo Challenge of South Africa committee and the CoC, may be that the guilty party or parties may be given a 2 race (heat) ban
following the incident, whether on the same day or carried over to the next race meeting.
5.5 Should the decision be made by the CoC that the incident was an incident worthy of sanction, all parties deemed by the CoC to have been guilty of causing the incident will be given a yellow sticker which will be placed on the front windscreen of the cars involved (or if the vehicle does not have a front windshield, in a clearly visible position on the front of the vehicle). The size of the sticker will measure 120mm in diameter, and will carry pertinent incident details on it. Should the competitor fail to affix the sticker as required, he/she will be prevented from competing in any Alfa Trofeo Challenge of South Africa administered series until he/she has complied with this requirement.
5.6 When a competitor is issued with a yellow card, he/she will be under observation for the following two race meetings in which he/she competes (irrespective of the season). If the competitor is penalised with three yellow cards, the third yellow automatically becomes a red card.
5.7 In the event of a competitor being penalized with a red card he/she will automatically be precluded from competing in the following 2 race heats even if it includes the second heat on the day. Should the second heat of the ban be at the start of the next meeting, the competitor will not start heat 1 and will start from pit lane for heat 2.
5.8 Two red cards in any one season will automatically exclude the competitor for the rest of the season. If the remainder of the season has only 1 heat left the red cards will be extended to the first two meetings of the following season at which Alfa Trofeo Challenge of South Africa administered series are run.
5.9. If it is believed that competitors have engaged in reckless and/or dangerous driving, unsportsmanlike behaviour and/or contravention of MSA regulations and / or contravention of the Alfa Trofeo Challenge of South Africa Driver’s Code of Conduct, after taking into account all the facts relating to the incident, the decision to award a Yellow and/or Red card may be made by the CoC.
5.10 The competitor has a right of appeal to the relevant MSA structures.

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