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Alfa Trofeo Challenge - 2017

The Alfa club had a get-together and social meeting on 25 February at the East Rand Italian Club. Part of this was an open discussion with regards to the rules for the 2017 championship.

Our chairperson Mandy Viljoen opened the meeting by welcoming everyone present. The meeting was handed over to Paul Blackburn to present the rules to the members and guests.

The points discussed were as follow:

Eligible Vehicles:

Eligible cars would be any Italian make vehicle converted into a race car. For instance if it’s an Alfa it much look like that model Alfa and have an Alfa engine. There are no restrictions with regards to any modification such as suspension or induction. There are no year model restrictions either. The basic requirements for safety should however be observed at all times.

Breakout Times:

Class breakout times for Zwartkops as follow:

Class A+ – faster than 1:15:00
Class A – 1:15:01 to 1:19:00
Class B – 1:19:01 to 1:23:00
Class C – 1:23:01 to 1:26:00
Class D – slower than 1:26:01

We can look at modifying the times once we have had our first race meeting and know what times everyone is doing.

When someone breaks out of class it will be handled as follow:

All points will be carried over to the new class and the overall championship for the season according to the following schedule:
Round 1 – 4 = 100%
Round 5 – 6 = 80%
Round 7 – 8 = 60%

However, when it is a “one hit wonder” it will be referred to the committee to decide the outcome taking all factors into consideration.
When a driver change cars a new time will be posted and will be re-classified into a category. Where the times are very similar it will be referred to the committee to decide whether such competitor may retain his previous category points or not.


Championship Points to be allocated as follow:

Points will be awarded on the following basis for each heat and in their respective classes as follows:
1st Position – 15 Points
2nd Position – 12 Points
3rd Position – 10 Points
4th Position – 8 Points
5th Position – 7 Points
6th Position – 6 Points
7th Position – 5 Points
8th Position – 4 Points
9th Position – 3 Points
10th Position – 2 Points
11th Position – 1 Point
12th Position and every position thereafter zero points.
All non-finishers per heat raced, will receive 0 points.
All DQ per heat raced will receive 0 points.
No additional points will be allocated for away races.
In order to score points the competitor will need to complete all laps i.e. take the chequered flag.
Only paid up Trofeo club members will receive points or trophies.

Where there are less than 3 cars entered into a class, they will be scored as follows:
1st Position – 10 Points
2nd Position – 8 Points

It was also decided that where it is a non-club member competing in a race we will bank their points as per separate score sheet. If they decide later in the year to take out Trofeo membership they will retain their points and will be included in the scoresheets for the category and overall championship.


Trophies will be handed out following a specific criteria. However, please note it will always be dependent on what the organiser of the event specifies in the Supplementary Regulations for that specific event.
Class A+ – Winner – Overall for the day
Class A – Winner – Overall for the day
Class B – Winner – Overall for the day
Class C – Winner – Overall for the day
Class D – Winner – Overall for the day
Only one winner per category (All Categories)

Only paid up Trofeo club members will receive points or trophies.

Special Thanks:

Huge thanks to Franco Di Matteo who will sponsor driver of the day. We will all proudly display the Di Matteo Racing stickers on our cars.
Special thanks to Sasha Martinengo for his willingness to help promote us where possible. We however do understand it might not always be possible and should also do our bit to promote the club.


Sponsorship deals are available as follow:

  • R50 000 for Title Sponsor plus 4 secondary sponsors each at R5000 per sponsor.
    Please ask Paul for the sponsor motivation letter. These sponsorship deals do not include TV coverage and is a complete separate issue.
Alfa Trofeo Challenge - Sponsors - 2017

Alfa Trofeo Challenge – Sponsors – 2017

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