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Regulations and Specifications for the 2017 MSA Northern Regions Motorsport
– Alfa Trofeo Challenge of South Africa –

Please Note: For the most recent and up to date regulations please visit the Downloads page.

1. Aim of the Series

To promote a race series for owners of Italian makes of cars, or modern Italian makes of cars, with the following goals:

  • Classic looks, modern performance
  • Accessible and informal
  • Positive atmosphere amongst drivers and enthusiasts
  • Mutual respect on and off the track
  • Affordable racing
  • To declare Overall Series Winners / and or classes

2. Title

  • The name of the series shall be Alfa Trofeo Challenge hereafter known as “Trofeo”.

3. Controllers of the Series

The Controllers of the Series will be Motorsport South Africa (herein referred to as MSA), who have delegated the management and control to the Northern Regions Motorsport Committee and a sub-committee known as the Alfa Trofeo Challenge Committee.

The Alfa Trofeo Challenge will have a committee comprising of not less than the following:

  • Executive (5 members)

4. Jurisdiction

  • All qualifying races will be held under the General Competition Rules (GCR’s) and Standing Supplementary Regulations (SSR’s) of Motorsport South Africa (MSA), these Standing Regulations and the Supplementary Regulations issued by the Promoters.

5. Eligibility

  • The Series is open to all holders of valid competition licenses issued by MSA and who are domiciled in the area under the jurisdiction of MSA.
  • All newcomers, or persons who have not raced in the past five years, are to complete an induction course as presented by the Trofeo committee.
  • Competitors will be responsible for all race fees.
  • The Alfa Trofeo Challenge is not responsible for individual entry acceptance for any event.

6. Eligible Vehicles

  • All vehicles of Italian origin, or modern Italian makes of race prepared cars.

7. Scoring

The scoring will be done as follows:

  • Categories will be time based and will be determined after the first race in 2017 after which competitors categories will be locked in for the year. An AGM as well as a bulletin will follow immediately after the first race to advise competitors which category they will compete in for the year.

The Categories will be as follow:

  • Class A+ – faster than 1:15:00 – Timed Category
  • Class A – 1:15:01 to 1:19:00 – Timed Category
  • Class B – 1:19:01 to 1:23:00 – Timed Category
  • Class C – 1:23:01 to 1:26:00 – Timed Category
  • Class D – slower than 1:26:01 – Timed Category

Scoring will be done based on whoever crosses the line first – wins (in their respective classes)
Only paid up Trofeo club members will receive points or trophies.
A+ is a class for cars that compete in times faster than Class A
Classes A to D are determined by breakout times as per 8.1 above.
Vehicles/Drivers will be classed accordingly after the official qualifying session of the first race weekend. A driver will be entered into the class equivalent to the lap time set in the first official qualifying session the driver enters.
Vehicles/Drivers that enter for the first time in the season after the first official race weekend will be classed after their first official qualifying session.
Should a driver not be able to enter a qualifying session in their first race meeting, the driver will still start from the back of the grid for the first race.
Should a driver have more than one vehicle, and enters the series with one of his other vehicles during the racing season, then the new vehicle/driver pairing shall be classified after their first official qualifying session.
If a vehicle/driver breaks out of his class in an official qualifying session or race, he/she will immediately be moved up to the next class and be scored in that class for the day. The vehicle/driver will then remain in that class for the rest of the season unless he/she breaks out of the new class again at which time rule 8.10 will apply again.
All points will be carried over to the new class and the overall championship for the season according to the following schedule:

  • Round 1 – 4 = 100%
  • Round 5 – 6 = 80%
  • Round 7 – 8 = 60%

A competitor may at any time apply to the committee in writing, supported by good reason, to change a vehicle from one class to a lower class. The committee will ultimately decide on whether or not to move the competitor to the lower class and if points earned will be carried over and in what ratio.
Any competitor who has had his/her vehicle re-classified by the committee shall have the right, within 14 days of being notified, to address the committee in writing, objecting to the reclassification. After considering the views of the competitor, the committee shall have the right to change or abide by their decision.
All class changes shall be notified to the competitor in writing. Email will be considered as written notification.
If a competitor changes his/her car but remains in the same class for that season, his/her points will not be reset and will be carried over to the new vehicle/driver championship.
If the stewards suspect a competitor of ‘sandbagging’ and can prove it to the satisfaction of the committee, they reserve the right to issue a breakout penalty.

8. Trophies

  • Class A+ – Winner – Overall for the day
  • Class A – Winner – Overall for the day
  • Class B – Winner – Overall for the day
  • Class C – Winner – Overall for the day
  • Class D – Winner – Overall for the day
  • Only one winner per category (All Categories)

Only paid up Trofeo club members will receive points or trophies.

9. Series Structure

  • The series will run in accordance with season as detailed in the MSA calendar of each year.
  • Race dates will be determined by the MSA Northern Regions Motorsport Committee.
  • The series will consist of a minimum of 6 race meetings.

10. Points Allocation

Point’s allocation is a completely separate issue and will be tallied up at year end. The points prize giving will be held by Trofeo and will be based purely on points.

Points will be awarded on the following basis for EACH HEAT and in their respective classes as follows:

1st Position – 15 Points
2nd Position – 12 Points
3rd Position – 10 Points
4th Position – 8 Points
5th Position – 7 Points
6th Position – 6 Points
7th Position – 5 Points
8th Position – 4 Points
9th Position – 3 Points
10th Position – 2 Points
11th Position – 1 Point
12th Position and every position thereafter zero points.
All non-finishers per heat raced, will receive 0 points.
All DQ per heat raced will receive 0 points.
No additional points will be allocated for away races.
In order to score points the competitor will need to complete all laps i.e. take the chequered flag.

Only paid up Trofeo club members will receive points or trophies.

Where there are less than 3 cars entered into a class, they will be scored as follows:

1st Position – 10 Points
2nd Position – 8 Points

Should there be a tie at the end of the season the competitor with the greatest number of first positions will be declared the champion, failing this, seconds and then thirds and so on. If this remains ineffective the MSA Northern Regions Motorsport Committee shall declare the Champion on such a basis as it deems fit.
If a tie occurs within a class at a single race meeting, the shortest time to complete both of the two heats combined will declare the overall winner and lower places as long as they have completed the same number of laps. If they are still tied, positions will be decided by the highest finishing positions of both races. If there is still a tie, they will share the class position for the day and any applicable prizes.
To be eligible for any series points or awards, an entrant must have entered the series and complied completely with all the rules prior to any race (see 5.1 through 5.3).
The committee will deduct 5 series points from any driver found to have performed any unsportsmanlike driving behaviour during any event on the Trofeo calendar. This penalty will be in addition to any penalty applied by the Clerk of the Course.
Driver changes between heats is allowed. Points will be scored per heat and per driver, with no points combining allowed. The Trofeo committee / Clerk of the Course / Timekeepers / Commentators are to be advised of each and every driver exchange taking place during any event.
There is a clear and distinct difference between the results per race meeting and our year end Trofeo Challenge championship points results.
Results which are issued on the day of the track event are time based, and are at the discretion of the organisers on the day.
Trophies are issued after each track event by the organisers. Race meeting overall results will be determined by the timekeepers and the organisers of the event by, inter alia, breakouts, total number of laps completed, and total lapsed times.

Year-end championship results are points based, and are calculated after each event, and these points are tallied at the end of the year to identify our year end champion.
Trophies are issued at our Championship final prize giving by Trofeo.
Neither of these factors influence each other, as they are completely separate entities.

11. Race Format

Trofeo race events will run according to the following format, and may be altered at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course, subject to prevailing conditions on race day:

  • Documentation – Mandatory for all entrants
  • Drivers Briefing – Mandatory for all entrants
  • Official Practice – Timed practice sessions of a minimum of 10 minutes
  • Race Heat – Minimum 8 lap race, depending on circuit length (2 heats)
  • Specific times for each Trofeo event schedule will be issued as soon as the race organizers have issued such information.
  • These times will be determined by the organisers of the race meeting and will be published in the event Supplementary Regulations and any Final Instructions issued by the event organisers.
  • Each competitor’s official practice and heat times will be taken into consideration for a starting position.
  • All classes will run on the track together, provided the complete number of entrants does not exceed track capacity limitations, at which time the field may be split accordingly, and at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course, dependent on prevailing conditions and course layout.
  • Where a race meeting is cancelled without a heat race being run past 80% of scheduled race distance, the meeting will be considered void and not counted as part of the Trofeo series.
  • All novices will only be allowed on the track with the “novice tape” attached to the rear of their vehicle. This tape will be provided by the committee, and will be removed once the competitor is no longer deemed to be a novice race driver.
  • White line rule applies to all tracks and circuits. The committee reserves the right to use their discretion with regards to the implementation of this rule.

12. Vehicle Specifications

The Trofeo is intended to promote friendly, competitive and affordable motor racing.

  • Modifications are free.
  • All cars are expected to be identifiable as that make/model of car. i.e an Alfa Junior must look like an Alfa Junior. All cars must be smartly maintained and presented.
  • The Trofeo challenge is open to all cars with the emphasis placed on the Italian marques.
  • All official Trofeo Challenge sponsorship decals (including numbers and class allocation) are to be displayed at all times during Trofeo events.

Each vehicle is expected to conform to the following minimum safety requirements:

  • Fire extinguisher of minimum 1kg capacity (inspected and certified by an authorized inspection service every 6 months) securely fastened within drivers reach once fully seated and strapped in.

Stick type Fire Extinguishers not recommended.

  • Hubcaps and wheel embellishers must be removed.
  • Remoulded or re-tread tyres are not permitted.
  • FIA approved harness within its lifespan as per attached tag.
  • All glass light lenses to be taped over.
  • Windscreens must be of a laminated type, if available.
  • No window tinting allowed.
  • Oil filter secured with locking wire.
  • Oil sump plug lock-wired.
  • Gearbox drain plug lock-wired.
  • Differential drain plug lock-wired.
  • Ignition key operational, if so fitted.
  • Engine coolant expansion tank fitted (minimum 1 litre).
  • Open engine breathers to be fitted with an oil vapour catch pot (minimum 1 litre), or routed to air intake filter housing, if so fitted.
  • At least 2 rear view mirrors to be in position and secure.
  • All spare wheels, tools and other loose items removed during events.
  • No visible fluid leaks.
  • No glycol based antifreeze or coolant additives to be added to cooling water.
  • All vehicles are to have MSA approved log books present during scrutineering.

Other safety based modifications as required occasionally by scrutineers as follows, but not limited to, are advised:

  • Carburettor wingnuts lock-wired
  • Catch strap for driveshaft on rear wheel drive cars

Each entrant is expected to adhere to the following minimum requirements regarding personal safety:

  • Drivers are required to wear fire resistant racing overalls. The use of fire resistant undergarments is encouraged.
  • Helmets, gloves, and closed shoes are to be worn at all times during events, and are required to be presented for scrutineering.
  • Drivers are encouraged to purchase FIA approved personal safety equipment as much as is economically possible in order to prevent future conflicts with MSA requirements.
  • Roll Cages are Mandatory.
  • All vehicles to comply with all MSA rules, regulations and requirements.


  • Standard design / manufacture road cars converted to race cars.


  • All interior trim (including carpeting, headlining and seats) may be removed.
  • Instrumentation and dashboard may be modified, however, the use of the original dashboard casing and silhouette is encouraged.
  • The original driver’s seat must be replaced with a competition seat, along with a competition harness (minimum 4 point). Members are encouraged to adhere to the latest FIA specifications regarding race seats in order to minimize conflicts with future MSA regulations.
  • All harnesses are to be FIA approved, with a minimum of 3″ shoulder straps fitted.
  • Steering wheels are free.
  • Roll cages (minimum 6 point) are mandatory. Members are encouraged to adhere to the latest FIA specifications regarding roll cages in order to minimize conflicts with future MSA regulations.


  • Bumpers may be removed.
  • Aerodynamic modifications are permitted.
  • Glasswork is free, provided windscreen are of a laminated type or an approved plexiglass, such as Lexan®.
  • Body panels may be replaced with composite replicas. All cars are expected to be identifiable as that make/model of car. i.e an Alfa Junior must look like an Alfa Junior. All cars must be smartly maintained and presented.
  • Externally accessible towing eyes (minimum ID 50mm) are to be fitted front and rear, and clearly marked “TOW”.
  • All external lights (headlights, taillights, indicators), or replicas thereof must be present.


  • Engine must be a unit as supplied by the manufacturer concerned. i.e an Alfa must have an Alfa engine.
  • Intake system (carburettor or fuel injection) modifications are free.
  • Engine modifications are free, including oversizing and capacity increases.
  • Flywheel and clutch modifications are free.
  • Oil cooling permitted providing the oil cooler does not alter the general external silhouette of the vehicle.
  • Dry sump systems are allowed.
  • Cooling systems and fans are free.
  • Electronic ignition systems may be fitted.
  • Battery position is free.
  • Fuel pump position, number and type are free.
  • Air filtration systems are free.
  • Forced induction allowed.

Electrical system

  • Modifications are free.
  • Externally accessible ignition cut-out switch or trigger mechanism operating an internal ignition cut-out switch (capable of isolating the battery positive feed and cutting the ignition and electric fuel pump (if fitted) without any additional internal or external switches being de-activated) to be fitted, operational, and clearly marked with the internationally standard “red lightning bolt on blue background”.


  • Exhaust systems are free, provided they meet the requirements of MSA’s noise pollution regulations imposed at the time.

Drive train

  • Transmissions and differentials must be as originally supplied by the manufacturer concerned and may be modified. Alternative manufacturer equipment may be fitted on application with the Trofeo Technical Committee.
  • Fitment of limited slip differentials is permitted.


  • Suspensions modifications are free.
  • Camber, castor and toe specifications are free.
  • Spring and damper rates are free.
  • Ride height is free providing no part of the vehicle’s undercarriage touches the ground when one or more tyres are without air pressure.
  • Full rose-jointing is allowed.
  • Anti-roll bars are free.


  • Steering mechanism is free.


  • Brake modifications are free.

Wheels and Tyres

  • Wheels are free.
  • Tyres are free.

Vehicle weight

  • Vehicle weight is free.

13. Contact Details:

Telephone – 078 918 3148
Fax – 0866 342 631
E-mailinfo@alfatrofeo.com, mandy@alfatrofeo.com
Post – Alfa Trofeo Challenge

P.O. Box 2444

Contact person – Mandy Viljoen (Chairperson)

Alfa Trofeo Challenge – Year Regulations
Alfa Trofeo – Membership Form and Code of Conduct
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